Miller Electric Company hosts a Trick…

As part of United Way Week 2019, Miller Electric Company opened their doors and hearts to JSA students for Trick or Treating on October 30! Miller Electric’s new building served as a Halloween fun house as our students made their way to each participating office for a treat. While this was a “FUN” event, this also gave our students an opportunity to practice Trick or Treating skills such as saying, “Trick or Treat”, “Happy Halloween” and “Thank You.”

Miller Electric did a Spooktacular job decorating their new building for our students and staff! It was decked out from ghosts to goblins to Hogwarts and haunted houses all while keeping it sensory friendly for our students.

We are so thankful for Miller Electric, Mr. Henry Brown, Mr. Ed Witt, Jr. and all the employees that made this day so very special for our students. Miller Electric has been investing in #JSAKIDS since 2005 and we know that they share in our pride as JSA has grown from a grassroots organization into the valuable community asset it is today. Together, we are making an impact on the lives of young children and building a future for these individuals as they transition into adulthood.