Supportive Transition & Enrichment Program (STEP) (14 years and up)


Supportive Transition & Enrichment Program

Pre-Vocation Program

This program is designed to provide our students with the necessary skills to be successful and productive members in both their home and community. The focus of this class is to learn functional routines of daily living, such a dressing, home skills, meal prep, multi-step task completion as well as functional communication and academics related to real life scenarios.

Vocational Program

Our vocational program is designed to provide young adults the skills necessary to be successful and productive members in both their home and community. Our goal is to discover each student’s individual interest and tailor a program of learning opportunities that could become future employment opportunities. Each student has a core curriculum of life skills that are structured and taught to a level of independence. These skills are assessed and tracked through the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS), and cover the areas of Basic Living, Community Assessment and Home Assessment.

Our vocational students have a wide array of opportunities and responsibilities available to them, including the maintenance and development of a tower and raised bed garden, landscaping, office job skills, community partnerships, cooking and food preparation skills, project creation, and product sales. Additionally, all our students participate in on-the-job training opportunities at one or more of the following community partners: Alpha Omega Thrift Store, Daily’s Place, Dick’s Wings, Hope’s Closet Thrift Store, Jax4Kids, Longhorn Steakhouse, Lutheran Social Services Food Pantry, M Shack, Publix, Trad’s Garden Center, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

In addition to the vocational program, these students are offered one-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) support services on a push-in or pull-out basis. The amount needed per child is determined by the Educational/ Treatment team and the parent. Students may receive up to 15 hours per week of individualized ABA training and support within this program.


Individualized Learning Plan that is customized to job training opportunities and life skills needed to prepare young adults for independent/supportive living and employment.

  • Job Supervision
  • Follow up Services
  • Job Assessment
  • Support Services
  • Retraining
  • Advocacy
  • Job Development
  • Mobility Training
  • Tailored Day Service


  • Employment Workforce Skills Training
  • On-Site Vocational Team Employment Opportunities
  • Autism In Action Fulfillment Center
  • Autism In Action Vendor Fulfillment
  • Jax4Kids Paper Route
  • Kate’s Corner Store
  • Spectrum Shredding