Educational Programs

We follow an Integrative Model, using parent-teacher partnerships to enhance the educational experience of our students. Our unique model was developed through the shared experiences of parents and autism professionals.

With a variety of classrooms to meet the needs of individual students, JSA offers varied programs that allow for the development of students and ensures a comfortable transition from new to advanced learners.

Our unique environment, 1:1 teacher ratio and hands-on staff will integrate your child with an interdisciplinary experience that focuses on behavioral skills, reaching your child on educational and emotional levels, and helping develop your child to be successful and productive member of society as they grow into adulthood.

Founded by parents whose own son was diagnosed with autism, JSA takes pride in our approach, which includes you as a participant in your child’s educational experience. If you’re ready to put in the effort to partner with us, we’re ready to put in the effort to partner with you. In the end, we’ll succeed in making a difference in your child’s life, setting them on a path for success and happiness. And as parents, isn’t that what we want most for our children? You can find it at JSA.