Enrollment has closed for the 2024-2025 school year.
Inquiries will be considered for the 2025-2026 school year.


Our admissions process is designed to match students with the mission of the school. We work really hard to make sure we can offer each student exactly what they need, and that begins with a thorough assessment process that includes an application review, school tour, and a student evaluation and/or testing.

Admissions Process

Here’s the typical admissions process:

  1. Decide if JSA is the right fit. Be sure to check out the “What Sets Us Apart” section on our Parents page to ensure our Integrative Model aligns with your goals for your child.
  2. Fill out the online Inquiry Form. This inquiry seeks to gain knowledge of the student on a personal level, and what concerns and goals the parent is seeking.
  3. The Inquiry Form is reviewed to determine if there is a matching space in the program.
  4. Tour invitation. If a match is determined, JSA will invite the family in for a tour. Tours are by invitation only, not by request. JSA chooses who to bring in for a tour by comparing the child and the parental goals to the availability in the program.
  5.  After the tour and before the intake assessment is completed, we will need to gather several pieces of information from you.  We may request the following documentation:
    • Current IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
    • Recent assessments (VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, AFLLS, etc.), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment plans with goals and current progress on goals
    • Past behavior plans and reports from current SLP/OT/PT
    • Any other documentation that states current development level relating to language, communication, and/or behaviors
  6. Final decision. JSA will provide intake evaluation results and review any available IEPs to determine eligibility and proper class placement. Please allow at least one month for JSA to notify you of your placement prospects.
  7. If everyone is in agreement on a course of action, enrollment paperwork is completed through TADS, our online portal that streamlines admission, enrollment and tuition.

Let’s Get Started!

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