Parent Action Committee

Parent Action Committee

If you are one of our JSA families or JSA friends, you’re automatically a member! JSA’s Parent Action Committee (P.A.C.) is made up of our active parents and friends who work together to make a tremendous impact on our school and our children.

Each member of our P.A.C. brings a unique set of skills to the group, and while some take a more “hands on” approach as volunteers within the school, others work behind the scenes collecting donations, identifying community resources, and building community partnerships. The collective efforts of our families and friends help eliminate operating expenses from the school’s budget, providing greater funds for student enrichment. Your participation is essential to the success of each student at JSA.


August 2018

PAC Welcome Lunch

Aug 30

September 2018

PAC Meeting

Sep 4

October 2018

PAC Meeting

Oct 2

Halloween Decorations

Oct 11

Halloween Party

Oct 31

November 2018

Fall Decorations

Nov 1

PAC Meeting

Nov 6

Annual Soup Lunch

Nov 7

Christmas Decorations

Nov 26-28

December 2018

PAC Meeting

Dec 4

Staff Christmas Gifts

Dec 11

January 2019

Decoration Take Down!

Jan 7

PAC Meeting

Jan 8

February 2019

Valentines's Day Decorations

Feb 5

PAC Meeting

Feb 12

Valentines's Day Sweet Treat

Feb 14

Decoration Take Down!

Feb 15

March 2019

St. Patricks Day Decorations

Mar 5

PAC Meeting

Mar 12

Decoration Take Down!

Mar 18

Staff Luncheon

Mar 28

April 2019

PAC Meeting

Apr 2

Easter Decorations

Apr 2

Gala & Golf Setup

Apr 2-5

Decoration Take Down!

Apr 23

May 2019

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 6-10