CONGRATULATIONS 2022-2023 Employee of the Year…

CONGRATULATIONS 2022-2023 Employee of the Year Sarah Larrabee, JSA Education Director


At JSA, your impact is felt far and wide and parents see you as the Autism Angel you are. You truly live JSA’s motto to EDUCATE, ENGAGE and INSPIRE your students & staff. Your passion knows no limits and you work tirelessly in the community to help educate others about JSA and Autism Awareness. It is no surprise you were voted JSA’s Employee of the Year.

Employee Appreciation Week at JSA…

What a wonderful week of Staff Appreciation!! This week we expressed our sincere gratitude to our teachers and therapists. Each of our staff of clinical therapists, classroom teachers & teaching assistants, occupational and speech therapists, clinical supervisors, leadership and administration are exceptional and essential to the diversity of our program that propels our students to reach their personal best regardless of strengths and challenges. Their commitment to our students, families and each other is unmatched! #JSASTRONG

Congrats to the following peer nominated award recipients!

Rookie of the Year
Kinley Dozier, RBT

Above & Beyond
Dawn Foster

Positive Impact
Brooke Slack, RBT