Halloween 2018 at JSA

Halloween is one of the annual big events in the school. This year’s Halloween Costume Party was a big hit and a super fun time for the students! Parents, teachers, staff and students dressed up and participated in the costume contest. Awards were given for Best Individual Costume, Best Pair, and Best Group. Everyone put on their creative hats this year when it came to putting together a costume that was sure to win the contest.

In addition to the runway show and dress up fun the students worked on trick or treating skills. Classroom doors were set up with lights and students were guided through the process of looking for an illuminated light before knocking on the door for candy, toys and treats. Great job to all our students on mastering “knocking” this year!

Here our are 2018 Halloween Costume Contest:

Best Overall Costume (Child) Tyler as the “Angler Fish”
Best Overall Costume (Adult) Kayne as the “Tinman”
Most Original Costume (Child) Maddie as a “Beautiful Bird”
Best Pair Costume (2 people) Abbie and Priscilla as “Milk and Cinnamon Toast Cereal”
Best Group Costume (3+ people) Nick, Michelle and Shirley as “Popeye, Olive Oyl and Spinach”

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you for your participation!