National Employment Disability Awareness Month

JSA is celebrating Celebrating National Employment Disability Awareness Month!

The Supportive Transition Employment Placement (STEP) program at JSA strives to make sure that our young adults get the experience they need to be successful and productive members of the society. The overwhelming fact is that National data shows that most autistic adults are unemployed or underemployed, despite having the skill sets and expertise to excel in the workplace. One contributing factor for this, is due to employers’ poor understanding of what the Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) is and how it can impact an individual’s behavior and thinking. As the STEP program continues to build partnership with the different businesses in the community, we use this opportunity to educate them about individuals with autism and some of the skill sets they could bring to the workplace. Jacksonville School for Autism also aims to set an example for inclusion in the workplace as they have hired individuals on the autism spectrum.

To get our young adults the exposure and experience they need in the workplace, the STEP team meets with different employers in the community and educate them about individuals on the autism spectrum and how they can contribute to their place of business. Some of these employers readily have our students participates in Work-Based Learning Experiences or On the Job Training. This allows students to actively participate in different job experiences. They realize that while some people on the Autism Spectrum may have difficulties with social skills, others may process above average and perform extremely well with hands on tasks.
Inclusion in the workplace does not only benefit the individual with the disability, but it is also rewarding for the business. It adds diversity and adds a different perspective to the team and the business as a whole.

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