JSA Students Celebrate Black History Month

JSA students celebrate Black History Month!

“In the Social Academic class, the students have been learning about Black History Month. During the month of February, they have learned about the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The students learned that he was a civil rights leader and wanted everyone to be treated equally and not be judged by the color of their skin. They also learned that he wanted everyone to get along and be kind to one another. The students did two special projects this month to celebrate Black History Month. They created a kindness quilt using kindness squares and asked members of their JSA Family to write how they like to show kindness to others.
They also did individual research projects on people in Black History that they admire and have inspired them. To help find the information needed to complete their research the class took a field trip to the library and selected books to conduct their research . The students picked people who were inspirational and did not let their disability discourage them in life. The people they selected were Wilma Rudolph and Zion Clark. Wilma Rudolph overcame obstacles of having polio and not being able to walk to becoming and Olympic three-time gold medalist. Zion, who was born without legs, overcame his disability and became a state champion wrestler, author, and Guinness world record holder. The students learned from these two individuals what bravery is and that their unique abilities makes them special.” – Melanie Johnson-Duros, Social Academic Class Lead Teacher