Jacksonville School for Autism (JSA) received a $4,500 grant from funds generated through the sale of the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plates. The grant will support The JSA SMART Board Technology Project.

 The Autism Services Grants Council awarded a total of $113,365 in grants to 25 Florida-based nonprofit organizations that provide services and programs for individuals with autism and related disabilities. The funds available through grant opportunities offered by the Autism Services Grants Council, are generated through the sale of the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plates.

For JSA teachers, having a SMART Board in the classroom will allow greater visual representation instruction during remote learning and even during social distancing in the classroom. SMART Boards increase interactive instruction as well as increased interest and motivation for students (K-12) while providing to all kinds of learning (visual, auditory and kinesthetic).

When talking about students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), these conclusions about SMART Boards also the same if not more exciting. Teaching Children with ASD, SMART Boards are capable of so much more in the special education classroom. SMART Boards have had a profound effect on ASD students improving “the students’ communication and social interaction skills. ASD students’ focus is more attentive as well as their engagement with learning. The SMART Board interactive whiteboards are also an inclusion tool. Since JSA has been using the SMART Boards in our classrooms, students know where to focus their attention versus if they were in a typical classroom setting and they integrate better in the class. It also enables them to stand up and participate as they are able.

Having SMART Boards in our classrooms have helped control the behavior of our ASD students and is a way to connect with all students across the entire spectrum. These boards can help enlighten the learning process for students and get them to interact and engage with one-another and the board. The board provides “additional sensory stimulation” (Teaching Children with ASD) as well, which has a very positive effect on learning, especially for those with ASD.

In 2009, the Florida Legislature authorized the “Support Autism Services” specialty autism license plate and provided for the creation of the Autism Services Grants Council (“ASGC”) to oversee a grants process to fund service programs for individuals with autism and related disabilities and their families throughout the state.  All funds raised by the ASGC are generated by the sale of the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plates.  For more information visit www.autismlicenseplate.com and “Like” us at facebook.com/AutismLicensePlate.


Arc Broward, , a nationally accredited, Florida not-for-profit, Sect. 501(c)3 exempt organization, is responsible for marketing the Florida “Support Autism Programs” specialty license plate and administration of the Autism Services Grants Council.