Art Across the Spectrum

JSA was honored to host our first ever Art Across the Spectrum which was an event to not only honor the constituents who have supported JSA’s Music Program over the past 13 years, but to also give them a glimpse into how music affects our students.
Mrs. Ty gave an outstanding presentation on “Why Music? A look at autism through the Lens of Creative Motion.” It was the goal of the presentation to build awareness around children with autism, the role of music and the impact music has, and the application of Creative Motion and whole body listening.
Ms. Ty was able to bring JSA Graduate, Matthew, to demonstrate the powerful role of music and the benefits it has on children and adults with Autism.
Dr. Kim Lucker-Greene gave a brief presentation on how Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has now joined hands with music by being able to measure the outcomes and impact music has on our students through scientific research. Dr Kim and Ms. Ty will begin their journey on measuring the effects of the process of Whole Body listening on the students’ attending and active engagement.
Thank you to our amazing sponsors who continue to support our Music Program! We would not be able to offer this life-changing program without your advocacy and contributions:

1st Coast Cargo
HEAL Foundation
Keyboard Connection
Publix Supermarket Charities
Fred Brown Piano Services
Natalie Peery
The Jess & Brewster J. Durkee Foundation
The Clinton Family Fund
Bradford & Katherine Henry
Mr. Ruth Conley
JSA Board of Directors