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maass-familyP.A.C. Chair – Priscilla Maass

If you are one of our JSA families or JSA friends, you’re automatically a member! JSA’s Parent Action Committee (P.A.C.) is our close group or “pack” of active parents and friends, and we rightfully embraced the name! The tremendous efforts of our members make a great impact on our school and our children.

Each member of our P.A.C. brings a unique set of skills to the group, and while some take a more “hands on” approach as volunteers within the school, others work behind the scenes collecting donations, identifying community resources, and building community partnerships. The collective efforts of our families and friends help eliminate operating expenses from the school’s budget, providing greater funds for student enrichment. Your participation is essential to the success of each student at JSA.

As this school year takes off, I urge you to help make this our brightest year yet!  We may be small in number, but we are mighty! This year, in addition to fundraising, we have pledged to secure greater parental support for holiday activities, establish parental support within the classroom, and initiate much needed and deserved staff recognition for our teachers and therapists. Like a traditional “pack”, we are a family.  As we continue on our journey through the school year, I invite each of you to become active members of P.A.C. Together we can show our support for JSA and directly impact the lives of our children.  Alone, we may be weak, but together we can move mountains!

Upcoming P.A.C. Events:

  • September 13: Monthly Meeting
  • September 20: Meet & Greet Breakfast
  • October 11: Monthly Meeting
  • October 22: Flounder Pounder
  • October 31: Fall Festival
  • November 1: Annual Fee Due

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