Welcome, from JSA

We are dedicated to helping children with autism and their families by tapping into all available resources to provide “outside of the desk” thinking. With a focus on whole child development and individualized programs that encourage both family and community involvement, JSA is able to nurture each child to reach his/her full potential. Not just a place for learning, JSA creates an environment where relationships grow and lives are changed.

Are You Ready

We want you to understand our model as an Integrative Model and parent-teacher partnerships  make our school unique. Our model has been developed through the shared experiences of parents and autism professionals.

JSA is not the school for every student and/or parent, but it is a school that will be a haven for those parents ready to commit time, energy, and resources to both their children’s programs and school fundraising.

The admissions process at Jacksonville School for Autism (JSA) is designed to match students with the mission of the school. The process includes an application review, tour for parents, and a student evaluation and/or testing. Our hope is that the process will help families, students, and the school make choices about the best placement to ensure success when students are enrolled in the school.

Exchange Information

Please read through this website to become familiar with us. Also, fill out the JSA Application for Admission, Interview, and Intake Form so we can get to know you. 

Tour & Intake Evaluation

Take the Tour and Intake Evaluation.This is the heart of the admissions process and what makes JSA so special. We work really hard to make sure we can offer each student exactly what they need. That begins with a thorough assessment process.


We will review the IEP & Intake documents to determine eligibility and class placement based on your student’s age and needs.

Please allow at least one (1) week to give an opportunity to create a thorough review of this process and then we will notify you of placement prospects.

What you will need

We work really hard to make sure we can offer each student exactly what they need, and that begins with a thorough assessment process. Below is a list of information that is reviewed by the time the tour is scheduled:

  • JSA Clinical Group Intake Forms (for ABA Insurance Benefit confirmation)
  • Current IEP (Individualized Education Plan)
  • Recent assessments (VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R, AFLLS, etc.)
  • ABA treatment plans with goals and current progress on goals
  • Past behavior plans and reports from current SLP/OT/PT
  • Any other documentation that states current development level relating to language, communication, and/or behaviors