Social Academic (~5-13 years)

Social Academic Classrooms

This full-day classroom model is for children who are able to demonstrate academic skills close to grade level but are in need of different approach to instruction than that which would be provided in a typical setting. The goal of this classroom is to increase social thought and perspective, problem solving, cognitive flexibility and executive functioning skills by providing explicit social skills training throughout the school day. These classrooms are staffed with a certified teacher, a paraprofessional, and a Behavioral Therapist for support.

These students tend to have good social intent, but need more intensive teaching and practice on how to navigate our social world. Many of the children in this group have high levels of anxiety along with sensory integration disorders, with little understanding of coping skills and self-regulation of mood, thoughts and actions. JSA’s Social Skills classes teach students a wide range of topics, including social awareness, how to be in a group, conversation skills, social problem-solving, emotional regulation, and play skills. After explicit training, social skills are practiced throughout the day including during academic lessons. The majority of instruction in this classroom is done through several Social Skills Curricula.

Subject areas are taught as close to standard as possible, and according to each child’s capabilities. Activities are differentiated to meet each student’s individual needs. One-on-one Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) support is offered as either a pull-out and push-in service. The amount of support needed per child is determined by the Educational/Treatment team and the parent.